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The Ides of March (#1.22)
ComedyFan20102 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Jill suddenly dies after doing cocaine. Bailey has trouble to deal with it just like Jill's brother. Charlie wants to propose to Kirsten but she does it first. Ross is about to adopt but him being gay comes in between.

Wow hey really surprised us with Jill's death. She was ready to quit, was working on improving herself, it all was going uphill and then suddenly she died. So they did it very well. And it was also so well done how hard it was for Bailey. I also liked how Julia was trying to reach out to her brother. At the end it kind of worked out when she gave him the coat. And the tow boys meeting at the cemetery talking how Jill made them feel was also a great scene.

I also like how Ross was trying to get a baby. Of course in reality Bailey's talk would have no influence. But it was a sweet scene
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Griffin Hollbrook character
margeliz17 April 2008
Program Party of Five: I am looking at the cast lists, and I see two actors playing the same character Griffin Hollbrook. I remember the wonderful Jeremy London playing Griffin, but then I see that another actor, Marsden, played Griffin too in one episode in 1995. Is there a mistake?...May be I did not watched that only episode with Mr. Marsden. I was (I am) a real fan of the series which I watched in Mexico. May be not all the episodes were presented at that time; may be the channel did not buy all the seasons...I am just wandering about this, and I hope some one remember the circumstances of one actor playing once a regular character. Sorry if this was too long. I had to fill 10 lines in order to post my comment. Thank you very much.
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