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Bailey Salinger: What do you want, Claud?

Claudia Salinger: I don't know. I don't understand, Bay. I thought Jill was okay. I mean you just saw her today and she was okay, right? And she was in that program, so... how could this happen? How did Jill die from an overdose of cocaine? How come she had drugs in her room? Bailey?

Bailey Salinger: How do I know? Maybe she bought them from some creep this afternoon while we were shopping downtown. Maybe she already had it stashed in her room which was leftover from her carefree days. Maybe she found them in the damn street in a trash can. Who knows? Who the hell cares? What difference does it make? Jill's dead.

Claudia Salinger: So that can happen? You just take something once... and you can die? I can't belive...

Bailey Salinger: [cutting her off] Claudia. Do you mind? I want to be alone.

Claudia Salinger: Was she alone? In her room when she died?

Bailey Salinger: I guess... I don't know. I wasn't there.

Claudia Salinger: [on the verge of tears] Do you think she knew what was happening to her? Do you think she aware that she was dying? You think she was scared?

Bailey Salinger: I don't know. Why are you crying?

Claudia Salinger: Because... why aren't you?

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Griffin Holbrook: [sees Julia staring at him] What?

Julia Salinger: [stammering] Uh... Griffin, right? I saw you yesterday at the funeral. Well, anyways, I always keep seeing you. How are you doing? You okay? I... I knew her. Jill, 'cause she and my brother were... Anyways, I knew her, so I thought that maybe...

Griffin Holbrook: What?

Julia Salinger: I thought that maybe we could... talk or something.

Griffin Holbrook: Or something?

Julia Salinger: Well, I thought I could help you.

Griffin Holbrook: What makes you think I need help?

Julia Salinger: She was your sister.

Griffin Holbrook: So... so you understand... what I'm going through.

Julia Salinger: Yes. Sort of. I lost my parents a year ago in a car accident.

Griffin Holbrook: [leans in] You understand me? What I need? You know how to make it all better?

Julia Salinger: [intimidated] Uh... I...

Griffin Holbrook: You don't know anything.

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