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After bumping into a woman who might be Sara's birth mother, she wonders whether to look her up. Bailey does, but is told she's not in the least maternal, so he pretends the name Robin Merrin was adopted later. Charlie realizes Kirsten neglected to get Owen enrolled in a good pre-school, which is urgent now Bill can't help out whole days any more. His last chance depends on a rule children must be potty trained, and Charlie simply can't pull that off. Justin sort of expected Julia to be jealous when his parents accept to host his English friend Allison 'Allie', but the girls soon hook up against him. Julia however turns hostile when Allie admits a lesbian interest in her and shamelessly betrays her secret. Kirsten is far from amused by Claudia's impertinent tricks to lure her to the salinger house even after meeting her new date Michael and his daughter about her age.

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