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[first lines]

Bailey Salinger: So, anyway we're all just sitting there having dinner every Wednesday night as usual when he just walks in, walks right up to our table and says like... "Hello, I'm your grandfather". Not those exact words, but pretty close. And nobody knew what to say, you know? And I really don't know what it means, that he... just showed up. Maybe I... I guilted him into wanting to meet them. But then... can we trust him? You know, is he gonna stick around? The guy's got a history of flaking out on people, that's for sure. Take off your jacket.

Sarah Reeves: I wasn't planning on staying. And apparently neither are you.

Bailey Salinger: What?

Sarah Reeves: I ran into Warren Danziger today at the coffeehouse. He had a message for you. He said that he got into New Hampshire State too, and if you were looking for a roommate... And I said, "what are you talking about? You know, Bailey's not going back east for school after graduation this coming May. He's staying here in San Francisco." But apparently that's not what your guidance counselor told him.

Bailey Salinger: [sighs] Okay. First of all... first of all when I applied for Hampshire State, you and I, we weren't even... we weren't even together yet, and... I never thought I would get into that place. It was like this huge long shot. Really. Okay... yes. Yes, I got accepted.

Sarah Reeves: But you're not going to go, right?

Bailey Salinger: Well... I want to. I want to get out of here and make a fresh start. Start my life all over again... away from here... and away from this... this life.

Sarah Reeves: [angered] God...

Bailey Salinger: Sarah, listen... before you get upset, I know what you're thinking. And... and you have to know that me going away to college isn't going to change anything between us at all.

Sarah Reeves: What are you talking about, Bailey? In five months, you're going to graduate with me and then you're leaving. You're moving 3,000 miles away. You're going to get as far away from here as you can get... from this house, your siblings, and the memory of your parents death. That changes everything.

Bailey Salinger: Sarah, listen...

Sarah Reeves: [walks out] And you're someone to talk about flaking out.

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Julia Salinger: Did you tell Jake that he could live with us?

Claudia Salinger: Yeah, why? Is he here?

Julia Salinger: No, he's not, I sent him away. That man is not moving in with us.

Claudia Salinger: Charlie and Bailey said it was okay.

Julia Salinger: I don't care!

Claudia Salinger: I don't have to listen to you.

Julia Salinger: What is the matter with you, Claudia. Why are you being so nice to him?

Claudia Salinger: Because he's our grandfather.

Julia Salinger: [grabs Claudia] No, he is not! He is nothing to you! He is the selfish man who walked out on our grandmother and our Mom. So you're just going to forgive him for that? Is that it? God, what gives you the right to forgive him for her? Do you have any idea what it was like for our mother growing up without him? Do you? Did she ever tell you what it was like?

Claudia Salinger: No.

Julia Salinger: Well, she told me. She told me that when she was seven years old he left her and our grandmother by sneaking away in the middle of the night. She told me what it was like to have him leave her without a goodbye or a note. Without ever visiting her or even calling her or writing her to say just once that he loved her or thought about her. And what it was like to think that it was her fault! It broke our grandmother's mental health, and our mother's view on life. And you! Just because you want someone to take you out for some ice cream or to some stupid swap meet. I can't believe you! I can't believe how selfish you are... like that man is! Why don't you just go to the cemetery and spit on Mom's grave, because that is what you are doing!

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