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Bye Bye Five
Warning: Spoilers
You mean to tell me that what I watched on DVD tonight was the last appearance of my darling Jennifer Love Hewitt? You mean to tell me there are still more than 20 episodes left of this dreary dreary dreary show WITHOUT the grace of JLH's presence? I am sick and tired of whiny Julia Salinger, the Queen of the Neurotics, and her Goddamned book would be as boringly monotonous as can be. I've wanted to tie a knot in Bailey's nose for a hell of a long time now. Why the hell did Claudia have to grow up? Couldn't they have stunted Lacey Chabert's growth? And how come Thurber the family dog is ******g invisible?

Gee, people, wake up! What is this show without Jennifer? TIME OF YOUR LIFE, where are you? Not available on DVD!

The tearful airport farewell scene clearly serves as a most promising prelude to what should have been a great TV series. Unfortunately even PARTY OF FIVE fans turned out to be fickle. 19 episodes of the new one, and just a bit more for this one, and it was all over.

See what happens when you take the Glam out of the show? Cancellation loomed! What were they thinking? That PARTY OF FIVE could float without its true star?

(I know it is not Last Century anymore. Allow a JLH fan to weep forlornly)
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