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  • A man is killed when a meteor strikes him in the head. When the coroner examines him, tentacles exit the hole in his head and then the corpse gets up and walks off.



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  • A man is apparently killed by a piece of meteor that blows a hole in the side of his head. However, when the coroner is performing an autopsy he removes a strange bullet and it's revealed the man is really possessed by some type of creature and after waking up he escapes. Shocked, the doctor tries to figure out exactly what happened to the man.

    As it turns out the man is not the only person who has been hit by one of these space bullets, and there are others also possessed by aliens who are building a weapon to apparently eliminate the human race.

    As part of the next phase, the aliens coerce several humans who have afflictions for the next phase. Amongst those is the coroner's wife, who has been in a coma for some time.

    The coroner walks into the secret hiding place just in time to see one of the humans vaporize into air. He confronts the aliens, who explain that their world needs fresh population because it's ravaged by disease. They then remind the coroner he was about to terminate his wife's life support, and suggest an alternative to him.

    He decides it is better to take the chance than the accept the certain fate by returning his wife to a failing existence in a hospital bed. The police break in and try to shut the program down, but the coroner steps into the machine and transports himself, and his wife to whatever fate is on the other end of the machine.

    All the humans who had been possessed by aliens step into the machine and transport themselves, and then the machine reverts to the raw materials that had been used to build it. We never know what fate awaits the transported on the other end.

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