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An Intriguing Concept
Hitchcoc19 May 2014
This episode focuses primarily on a brother and a sister. The brother is a university TA who spends every waking moment listening to "noise" that come from a distant star system. He knows there's a pattern but can't really figure it out. He makes a tape of this and leaves it on his deck (sounds like a hundred years ago, now) and his sister, played by Kirsten Dunst (Spiderman) picks up the headphones and begins listening to it. She drops into a state of orgasmic euphoria and has the need to share this with all her friends. At a rave the kids become totally enraptured with the "music" and begin to show symptoms of a plague-like manifestation on their skin. They become incredibly ill. The brother tries to convince his scientist/widower/father that it is the music that is causing this. At first, the authorities can't buy this but, before long, see that he has a point. While I found the episode somewhat creative, every once in a while, this series got sappy and maudlin. I felt they slipped into this again as the story concluded. I remember laughing when I first saw this some 17 years ago. I got a little of that this time as well. Just a personal response.
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Kirsten Dunst acting excellence if embarrassing
isenberg-e28 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers

I don't often get embarrassed; having gone to school in the early 1970's, I can only recall being embarrassed twice when seeing someone else have sex. This was one time, even though technically that's not what Ms. Dunst's character was doing. She was just listening to music, but it was one of the most erotic performances possible. What made it embarrassing to me was that both the character and the actress were about 15. How did David Warry-Smith, the Director, communicate with her? "Say, listen, Kirsten, ah, well, you presumably have never done this before, but just pretend your having the most incredible sexual experience of your life, no, not just your life but anyone else's life. I'm sure you'll do fine." And then walk back to his stool and try not to die of embarrassment. And how did she do such an incredible job? That's a question I don't think anyone should know the answer to.
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One of my favorite show's!
Zach Kucala23 December 2007
The Outer Limits is an awesome show for those who like science fiction, and mysteries! I love this show because, each story is not only different, but, so is the cast on each episode! I have seen Margot Kidder (Superman: The Movie, etc.) on the show and she was awesome! But, she is not in this wonderful episode. My favorite actress in the whole world, #1 above all the rest, Kirsten Dunst!! A younger Kirsten Dunst! (Before she started spinning her gorgeous webbing in Spider-Man in the flawless, perfect, Spider-Man franchise along with the ever so phenomenal man behind the mask, Tobey Maguire.) She was phenomenal in this episode! It is a little freaky at times, but, she kept me smiling throughout. The show overall is great! Along with House M.D. starring Golden Globe Nominee, Hugh Laurie, and Smallville, starring Christopher Reeve's TRUE successor (not Brandon Routh) but, the amazing, Tom Welling! The Outer Limits is great! A must for all!
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