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Great twist ending...Must-see episode

Author: Gore_Won from
24 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A terrific episode even if you don't watch the series normally...I'm no Outer Limits buff, but this has got to be one of the best episodes of the series. It builds on the second episode of the first season, but does not require its viewing -- a good sign as that means it can stand on its own.

The story revolves around a robotic program that aims to produce inorganics, or robots, for functions around the house. Mary 25 is the latest installment of this program at Innobotics Corporation. To say anymore would give the story away, but rest assured that you will understand everything after watching the ending (a second viewing will let you see all the nuances you missed the first time around).

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Why Was She So Robotic?

Author: Hitchcoc from United States
31 May 2014

This is about an overzealous man who is trying to maintain his position on a firm that produces androids. In the second episode ever, we were introduced to Valerie whose programming led her to attempt murder. That put a kabosh on the project and it's on its last legs. The proposal is to create mega-nannies, using the Mary 25 series. Once again a beautiful young actress is the basis for the character. She has been programmed to look after kids. But unlike Valerie, she speaks in a disjointed, vapid speech pattern. She is taken to the project manager's house to tend his own children, much to the annoyance and fear of his beautiful wife. Things are very awkward. He begins to mistreat his wife, hitting her several times. The Mary 25 can do little things like read to the kids and answer their questions in a Sheldon Cooper kind of way, with encyclopedic knowledge (they ask her if the Big Bad Wolf would blow a house down and she replies that it is a physical impossibility). She has no charm and her selling point seems to be that she is amazingly strong and could disable any sort of intruder on the children's life. She is a total failure. We realize why she was made to look like she does when the project manager begins to have relations with her. There is another subplot involving the wife and her former lover. He hangs around the house trying to rekindle things. He is a major engineer in the designing of androids. This episode has a nice full circle ending that is enjoyable.

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Just poorly done

Author: dcobbimdb
27 January 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

First off I really liked S1E2 Valerie 23 as it was the Ex Machina of its day. Decent special effects and of course Sofia Shinas drops her clothes doing a full frontal nudity, a well packaged episode one might say.

Now fast forward to Mary 25, which is more or less a direct sequel. So I highly recommend seeing Valerie first, but it's not absolutely necessary as there is some back story to fill you in. What I didn't like about this episode is its absurdity. It's so off kilter that it simply bounced me out of the whole episode completely.

** Spoilers ahead **

The plot / sales pitch is a robotic nanny as they somehow deem it such a lucrative market, which is simply absurd considering who would pay potentially millions for a robot nanny when they could pay a real person what ~50k a year? So rather than a militaristic plot, perhaps a spy-bot, or even a professional assassin, at least something a bit more plausible. Nope it's super nanny!

Moving on... The physical model is the same beautiful actress who played Valerie, and one the things that made Valier 23 great was how "life like" they made her. Yet Mary 25 looks and acts very much like a robot, a dumb one at that. With zero social skills, who comes across creepy like. I guess it's not her fault, it's her programming, lol

Now we're introduced to the main boss guy who beats his wife all the time, and I pretty much figured his wife out right away, wasn't fooled there as she certainly didn't act human. First night he gets Mary 25 home he bones her in the bathroom with an open door so his wife can just walk in. Can you see how ridiculous this is? Anyway the story progresses and you just know it's going to end badly for someone. Others raved about the "Whoa..." or "ah Ha!" ending, but I was not surprised or fooled in the least.

Bottom line I gave this 3 stars (and that's being generous) simply because Sofia Shinas gives us some nice eye candy again, would have been 4 if the wife did the same. A rather absurd plot, very non believable wooden episode sadly enough as they really had so many other potential ways they could have gone with this, sequel wise. Oh well...

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