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Lots of Twists
Hitchcoc27 March 2014
"The Outer Limits" differed from "Twilight Zone" by generally presenting a really dark image. The first two seasons of the newer version continued this. In this episode, Ally Sheedy's reporter character is on the track of a killer who fires a kind of death ray that leaves only purple residue. She is contacted by this supposed killer (Michael Sarazen) and told to mind her own business. Part of the problem is that he makes threats rather than trying to reason with her. She gets deeply involved in the case and sense she is under constant pursuit. She is really persistent and draws the ire of the police. When she attempts to tell her father (with whom she has a very strained relationship) and her editor, she is thought to be off her rocker. As is usually the case with the show, there are a series of interesting developments. Part of what works is Sheedy was quite a good actress in her prime and she carries the embattled reporter/character quite nicely. Sarazen is his creepy self, looking like a deranged Kevin McHale with purple eyes. Still, I really liked this episode.
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I hear you calling
spindry1016 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
First off reviewing another review, i want to state that it is in error of the title. The deaf lady with the implant that writes thousands of I and Os is from the episode "the message". Season 1 episode 17. I hear you calling is about a female reporter played by Ally Sheedy who while talking on her cell phone gets cross feed and over hears whats she thinks is a death threat. Then realizes that the name she heard is then found dead. She is continually warned not to pursue her investigation but ignores it. She tracks the killer down after he fires a deadly energy ray at an unexpected couple, and makes them vanish only leaving a purplish pile of ash shaped like a body. She does some more research and investigates that several people went to an island on a charter and caught a deadly virus. And the killer turns out to be a helper that takes these virus ridden people to another world to live a better life.
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