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  • Joshua Haywood is a single parent who has his hands full with his daughter Sarah who wants to elope with her motorcycle driving boyfriend. They wake up one morning to find that there is no electricity, water or telephone service. When Joshua tries to leave their suburban neighborhood, he finds their way is blocked by an electrical field of some kind. Sarah has plans to run off but she meets an alien creature who is dying and she too is infected. Joshua eventually learns the truth: their entire neighborhood has been carried off to a distant planet to see if humans would be suitable as slave labor. For Joshua, there is only one course of action available to the survivors.

  • A neighborhood wakes to find all houses without power or water. Further inspections finds them in a force field with the entire outside world gone. They eventually find out they are being tested by aliens for slavery and to save the earth they must make the ultimate sacrifice .

  • Joshua Hayward's daughter Sarah comes home with her boyfriend announcing there marriage. While she is getting her things he talks her boyfriend into waiting and he leaves. While going home he sees a large chunk of earth leaving the ground. As the whole neighborhood wakes they learn their power and water is out. On further inspection they find out the whole neighborhood is in force field and the rest of the earth is gone. Joshua searches for his daughter as the neighborhood gather supplies. When one neighbor will not help a mob break into his garage and he pulls a weapon on them. On of the neighbors makes his way through the forcefield and come back with a story that they are on another plant and the aliens want to study them. Joshua is take by the aliens and told the truth. The lazy arrogant aliens of this world want them for slaves. Sarah is taken through the forcefield by another species. She eventually finds out they have a disease that causes them to turn to stone and she now has it. Her father finds her and takes her to the church with the others. They realize the race Sarah met was the another race the aliens were trying to enslave but they were not able to handle the atmosphere and contracted the disease. Joshua realizes they must get the disease to make themselves undesirable to save the world.


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  • A chunk of city is ripped from the earth, and the inhabitants studied.

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