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  • Dr. Martin Nodel, a geneticist of some repute, believes he has made a major breakthrough in genetic engineering. His experiments on small animals have provided advances in evolution and now it only remains for him to test it on humans. He has no authority from the university to do so and therefore injects himself. The changes come rapidly. Physically, a large, triangle-like blister develops in the palm of his hand. Blisters also form on his back and it appears to be a map. He launches a special study program for eight of his brightest students. As he explains to them, he now senses what they must do and they set off into the woods where they make an amazing discovery.

  • Dr. Martin Nodel, a brilliant geneticist, tries a formula to advance evolution on himself with amazing and disturbing results.



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  • A brilliant university professor accelerates his own evolution. He becomes smarter, but discovers strange programmed motives along with odd scarring on his body.

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