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As excuses go, that's pretty solid
ajlawford10 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
That college guy really didn't need to drug Peyton as it looks like he would have got lucky anyway. Some guys are just plain weird and clueless and wrong in the head. I'm glad he got punched in the face, hard, multiple times. These girls really need to learn to be more careful, but I guess that's what being a teenager is all about, and its great that shows like this are airing these topics. On the downside though, Lucas and Brooke are connecting, and its really sweet and I want them together, but I also want Lucas and Peyton together because they are really sweet, and I don't know which way I want more.

I love love love Hayley and Nathan getting together. They are so great together, and really balance each other out. Their kiss is the reason for another 10/10 episode. That's 3 in a row! I love the music that played and it just made me feel so good and happy.

I think its funny how the river boys were giving Lucas a hard time about getting a cell phone. Were people in 2003 really just getting phones. That wasn't that long ago, was it? it's funny to see technology develop when watching shows from the past.

We get two big kiss scenes, with the conclusion of the Keith and Karen does she love him, does she not situation, and yes she does. I didn't get as many warm fuzzies or excite as Hayley and Nathan and Peyton and Lucas, but it's a nice way to end the episode.

Definite 10/10 episode.
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