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  • Divorcee Lia is acting sister and her friends Beth and the sensible Kate nurses at St Margaret's hospital,along with their promiscuous friend Anji,a health care assistant. However Kate resigns after senior house officer Jamie has blamed her for his mistake,resulting in a patient's death,and she has publicly punched him. Beth gets her own back on young house officer Callum by putting a sedative in his drink when he is on call and Lia's daughter,who lives with her father,berates her for preferring the nurses' company to visiting her. Anji has a one night stand but tells the man in question she is terminally ill to avoid future dates.


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  • We see the introduction of the main characters - Kate, controlling and naive who finally beds Doctor Jamie who doesn't seem to care as much as her, Beth who is obsessed with finding a high earning doctor to keep her in the manner she wishes to be accustomed to, Lia who struggles being a working mother and let's her social life impact on quality time with her daughter and Anj who loves blokes, just never more than a night at a time. This episode, Beth gets back at Dr Callum for disrespecting nurses by slipping him a sedative instead of ecstasy, Anj tells a one night stand she has six months to live to avoid further dates, Doctor Jamie avoids Kate and starts to develop a friendship with Beth, and then attempts to blame a patient death on Kate.

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