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Dwight White: That's like the fiftieth time I had to lose to Thor so after the match I go right up to Jupiter. I get in his face and I'm like, "Listen, pal! Things are gonna be different from now on because if I'm gonna keep losing, I want to at least lose to a better class of wrestler."

Nikki White: Wow, honey. You actually said that to him?

Dwight White: Yeah. Except for the words. And the attitude. And the fact that he was standing on his desk holding my cap above my head and making me jump up and down for it.

Nikki White: Well, I know how you can get on his good side and maybe get your cap back.

Dwight White: All right. I'm listening.

Nikki White: We set him up on a date with Mary.

Dwight White: [laughing] No!

Nikki White: Why not?

Dwight White: Because he's my boss. And if the date goes wrong he'll hollow me out and smoke me like a pipe. And not in a good way.

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