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One of the series' finest
Mr-Fusion27 April 2016
'The Public Domain' has stuff coming from every angle, and what could've been a massive train wreck comes off as a schizophrenic masterpiece. Bill's aggravating Dave with his political song and dance (using public domain jingles . . . "When Johnny comes marching home again, he's gay! He's gay!"), Lisa's trying to cure Mr. James' camera shyness in front of a reality TV crew, Matthew's a persistent stowaway in the office while the staff labors to get his job back . . . and Dave's being put through the ringer by all of this, even as his job is at risk when a "partner" (Paul Gleason!) shows up help.

Cunning plans across the board end up going completely awry leaving almost everyone smarting from the events herein . . . and yet everything - kinda - turns out alright in the end. Between Hartman's trolling, Root's going full-on Milton Waddams in before the camera and the very active physical comedy from almost everybody, this is an absolute riot.

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