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Rocket Fuel malt liquor! Daaaamn!
Mr-Fusion12 April 2016
Despite having good material for the rest of the cast, this one's all about Bill and Catherine, with the former offering his likeness for a malt liquor sponsorship and the latter's disgust for his opportunism. What results is a number of classic Bill lines (not to mention a very memorable Hartman performance as a massive tool), but also a bit of real life humor; you can tell Khandi Alexander's just trying to keep from laughing as she's feeding Hartman more gibberish to spice up his radio ads. That's always a treat when even the actors succumb to the laughter.

Poor Lisa's stuck at the White House Easter egg hunt interviewing kids (pretty much an exile right there), but the ongoing feud between WNYX and the noisy upstairs neighbors has a sneaky payoff.

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