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  • The team reinvestigate the unsolved murder in 1987 of policewoman Kate Daniels, who trained at Hendon College with Sandra. The sole witness, then a little girl, is optician Patricia Lee, who still has nightmares about the man running from the scene. The trail leads to Philip Sheppard, known for stalking blondes like Kate, but Brian believes the case is connected to Kate's lover Nick Gilbert, who dropped out of police college. Whilst Gerry takes drastic action to help Patricia identify Sheppard in a line-up, Brian breaks the rules in his efforts to trap Gilbert, jeopardising his career and his marriage in the process.

    - Written by don @ minifie-1
  • UCOS re-opens the 17 year-old murder of 26 year-old WPC Kate Daniels who was shot in the back of the head. Sandra knew Daniels as they had trained together and so takes this case very much to heart. The killing had all the hallmarks of a professional hit and the only clue they had was from 6 year-old Patricia Lee who saw a man running away from the scene of the crime. Now they've managed to find the gun but the owner doesn't fit the profile of a professional killer. But he follows women who are all of the same type - petite and blonde, just like Daniels. Meanwhile, Brian has stopped taking his medication and is pursuing those he feels forced him out of the force. It creates problems at work and at home.

    - Written by garykmcd
  • The team investigate the murder of a policewoman 17 years ago, but what is Sandra's connection, and what secrets from her days at Hendon are revealed?

    - Written by Anonymous


an inquiry into the unsolved murder of a policewoman 17 years ago lead the team to a robbery gone wrong...

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