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  • Gibbs continues to concentrate on the unknown terrorist who shot him and escaped from the morgue; he does so with extreme determination to the extent of obsession and frustration. Meanwhile the anonymous bad guy makes a plan, buys some hardware, and gathers several friends; then he seeks to intercept the PotUS and the PM of Israel. The bad guy also arranges a new running friend for Tony, and he allows Kate to spot him while he rides a bike; Tony pursues the runner, and Kate tries to pursue the bike, but that works out poorly, for she winds up on a farm in the boondocks. McGee finds a face and a name, then details and explanations. Gibbs finally meets and talks with his quarry.

  • With extreme determination Gibbs continues, to the extent of obsession, to concentrate on the unknown terrorist who shot him and escaped. The bad guy reappears, but Kate and Tony disappear temporarily. Gibbs eventually meets his quarry.


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  • Gibbs' obsession with 'the one that got away' finally pays off, but not in the way he wanted. Gibbs asks Kate to profile 'the one you couldn't stab' and Kate tells him the reason she couldn't: he had kind eyes. Gibbs reminds her that eyes can lie. Then, he shows up again in DC - showing off to Kate at a stoplight, and then Kate jumps into a car driven by his conspirators, ordering them to follow him, and of course is then kidnapped by them. We learn that the terrorist's name is Ari, who was born to a Arab woman and a Mossad agent father. And it turns out the whole lab incident when Kate, Duckie and Gerald were hostages was Ari's "initiation" into Hamas. He then foils a potential terrorist action in the US involving Marine 1, the President, and Ariel Sharon. Gibbs doesn't care that he and Ari are (sort of) on the same side, he feels Ari crossed a line. FBI's Fornell tells Gibbs he needs to back off the pursuit of Ari so his cover won't be blown. Gibbs insists on meeting with Ari in a place of his choosing first: the morgue, where the body waiting for autopsy is the good-looking blonde who was leading DiNozzo on, and who was one of the terrorists. Gibbs shoots Ari, so his story will stand up better to Hamas and al-Qa'ida -- and to get a little back for Gerald. I think we'll see Ari again, and soon.

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