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You Can Never Go Home....?
biffot4 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler Alert !

A 'Tony Franciosa' Segment Episode.

In one of his last (and certainly his best script in the show's final third season) portrayals of charismatic yet determined 'People' Magazine Star Investigative Reporter 'Jeff Dillon' Tony Franciosa appears in a poignant episode for his character, who for once leaves sunny California and his job at Howard Publications and heads back to New York to visit his surviving family on vacation...

The story has a striking opening where Jeff Dillon looks out the plane's window which transforms into a portal showing his memories of his childhood in New York...

However on returning Dillon is then shocked to discover just how much has changed since those carefree days, almost entirely for the he discovers his own brother Angie (Guest Star Martin Balsam) is now a hopeless drug addict...and a puppet for the drug pushers...

At the end Dillon has an agonising decision to make...should he turn his own 'junkie' brother into the Police..?

The episode features a memorable Narration by Orson Welles.
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This Episode & Orson Welles Helped Me Discover Thomas Wolfe
cccbchambers13 September 2017
Almost 48 years later, I well remember this distinctly excellent episode. Orson Welles poignant and relevant quotes from Thomas Wolfe's last novel "You Can't Go Home Again" were a significant highlight, as well as the superb actors' characterizations.

I was then a senior in high school and went onto read most of Wolfe's works. "You Can't Go Home Again" has been a deep influence in my life so far, and an inspiration. I still hear Welles intoning the excerpts, especially the finale, one of the greatest endings in American Literature.

A great example of our "telling vision" (aka TV) inspiring one to discover other Art!
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