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Richardson confronts Sipowicz and Simone about their impending questioning of his wife over the murder of the nurse, but with the exception that Richardson is a real bad person, Sipowicz and Simone reach nothing. In a cross-over from the series "Upstairs", former temp and private detective John Irvin stops by the station to tell the detectives about the new graphics art business he started. But with the exception of the receptionist Dolores, no one is around, including Medavoy who leaves in a hurry for upstate New York where Abby now lives to be by her side when she goes into labor. Meanwhile, Kirkendall and Russell look into the theft of a graduate film student's camera, where only the student seems more interested in dispensing his own justice. Also, Sylvia finally learns about Sipowicz's medical condition from his doctor and finally persuades him to go for further tests and possible surgery.

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