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Werewolf... Therewolf

Author: julian kennedy from Clearwater Fl
15 October 2009

Werewolf: 2 out of 10: Wow, this is a classic mess. First off, it “stars” Joe Estevez. Yes, Martin Sheen’s brother. Star of some of the worst films ever made. (A shocking 191 films according to his IMDb page with a discouraging 13 still waiting to be released.) Maybe one of the reasons he can star in so many films is that he only works for a few days at a time. In Werewolf, he disappears without explanation a third of the way through the film and was barely in the movie to begin with. However, I guess when your cast consists of non-English speaking Eurotrash, Estevez seems like a draw.

Speaking of the rest of the cast, we have Jorge Rivero whose hair changes every scene and is the most interesting character in the film (The hair not Jorge). Richard Lynch who plays the male lead with all the charisma of soggy toast. Adrianna Miles who I thought was two different actresses. (One character lives in the house with the gun toting Santa Claus where she types in panties. The other character has never been to the house and lusts after Lynch.) Turns out the script was more confused than I and it is the same girl.

Adrianna Miles is certainly attractive and has those nice deer in headlight eyes but her grasp of the English language is tenuous at best and she simply cannot wrap her lips around the word werewolf. (It comes out wahr-wil, wahrwilf, wearwaollf etc) Speaking of confusing, the “werewolf” appears as a large bear, a broken bat puppet, an elderly version of teen wolf (driving a compact car no less), and something else from the depths of cinematic hell. At no time does it actually look like a werewolf. I could go on for hours (The moon stays full through the entire picture we are talking to weeks in a row minimum.) But I will let Mike and the Bots take over.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Season 10 episode 4: 10 out of 10: This is simply one of the best riffing jobs Mike and the bots have ever accomplished. Obviously, this is the only way to see the film.

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One of MST3K's best episodes...

Author: dsgraham212002 from Sequim, WA
27 January 2015

Great pick by Best Brains, Inc.! So mind-numbingly bad it's great fun, this movie is indescribably awful in its acting, writing, plot, camera-work, and make-up. Although dreadful in so many ways, I'll stick to one particular selling point to watch this MST3K outing. The lead actress' (Adrianna Miles)IMDb filmography stops dead at this point, the second of a mere 2 credits to her name and it's no wonder. Her performance in this train wreck of a movie is a jaw-dropper. English is NOT her first language, quite obviously, and her phonetic attempts at dialog are both hilarious and truly odd, as Mike and the Bots riff on all of her flubs. Her emoting skills also reek to high heaven, and are also just not quite right at times. Watching her is pure unadulterated entertainment and even fascinating, but for all the wrong reasons. This performance just could not have been on purpose; if it had, however, it would have been masterful and award-winning, for being one of the greatest achievements in cinematic history to be completely terrible in every way imaginable. Her bod was pretty hot, but apparently not enough for her to be cast again in another film. Too bad, really. For me, this is a must-see for all of us connoisseurs of bad cinema.

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Author: WakenPayne from Valhalla
25 March 2011

This Is Actually The Best Episode Out Of The 8 That I Have Seen. They Chose A Film From What I Am Sure Is An Ed Wood Script Disguised As Written By Someone Else. MST3K Use Some Of Their Best Jokes e.g. "An American Werewolf In Traffic" & That Thing Where Mike Turned Into Crow Was Frightening...& The Net On Mike's Head Was A Little Distracting If You Ask Me.

Also If You Ask Me Which Human Was Better On The Show Then Hands Down Its Mike...Joel Is Okay Its Just He Went Through That "1 Invention A Week" Thing That Got Tiring But Thats It. Joe Estevez Makes His Way Onto MST3K YET AGAIN! This Episode As Well As Giving Me An Extremely Bad Film Makes Me Think About Watching The 8 Eps I Got Over & Over (I'm A F##king Masochist Alright Lets Drop The Subject).

Note: I Will Try Find The Manos Episode...Pray For My Sanity

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