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overfloating25 September 2008
Anyone else think this is the most painful movie ever to have the MST3K treatment? I could barely get through it and I mean no insult to the riffing done by Joel and the 'bots. Easily the worst movie I've ever seen, as there's nothing remotely likable about it. It's not so bad it's good, there's no campiness and to top it all off it moves at a snails pace. I'd rather watch 30 minutes of rock climbing (Lost Continent) or 10 minutes of a sand storm (Hercules vs. The Moon Men) than this. I think it was a bad pick for MST3K since it is so unlikable. This movie needs to be made known to the public so they can truly see how black the abyss of bad film making is. Plan 9 From Outer Space is genius compared to this. There's nothing more I can say, just had to vent.
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