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A Real Head-Scratcher, But Hey, It's Batgirl
richard.fuller130 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Sometimes these episode can be a real brain puzzler as to what they are trying to say.

Steve Douglas gets a ticket from metermaid Yvonne Craig, best known as Batgirl.

Turns out his license is also expired, so Steve goes to get it renewed. Now he is told he has to retake the test and he keeps failing.

Chip and Ernie now regard their father as a failure. He isn't perfect, it seems. This shows the strange mindset from back then that kids thought their parents, in this case Dad, was always right and never made mistakes.

Uncle Charley has to tell the boys that Steve needs their help as he helps them when they make a mistake or fail.

Robbie now divulges he gave Steve last year's drivers manual, and so many of those rules have been changed, hence why Steve failed.

Steve doesn't want Chip and Ernie to learn this, so they won't regard him as perfect again.

I wouldn't have, as why didn't you grab a drivers manual at the license office, Steve, instead of relying on your kid to give you his? But I guess the strangest bit for me is when my license expired, by several months as a matter of fact, I didn't have to retake any test. It was just business as usual.

In fact, when I needed money to pay for it, the teller told me to just go to the ATM down the road at the grocery store, with no inquiry as to if I would be driving myself or someone would be driving me.

Times have clearly changed.

I don't see how they lived in the 60s.
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