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Martin has a mosquito bite, from which he is suffering from symsymsympatheticus. This is an affliction where the next person bitten by the mosquito has a bit of Martin residue in him/her, and Martin is feeling everything that next person is feeling. But what if the next person isn't a person, but a horse? It ends up being not only a horse, but a race horse named Sweet Sister, who is running better than ever. Martin needs a blood sample from Sweet Sister to develop an antidote, and he manages to do so posing as a vet. Mistaking the taking of the blood sample as a doping scam, William, a betting syndicate member, slips Sweet Sister a drugged apple to make her take a fall in the race, which in turn knocks Martin out as well. Despite being drugged, Martin thinks that sheer will power emitted through the molecule of him still in Sweet Sister may be enough to overcome the effects of the drug and have Sweet Sister win the race. Martin is able to do it with a little help from Tim and Sweet ...

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