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Grady, Grady, Come to Play; What a Precious Price to Pay
WeatherViolet1 October 2009
Indiana is one of only fourteen states not represented as an episode setting during twelve seasons of "Murder, She Wrote." But Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) had visited the Hoosier State in the back-story, during Grady Fletcher (Michael Horton)'s tenure as a student at Perdue University, in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Situated in New York City, also before this series begins, Grady invites his Aunt Jessica to stay at his apartment during her stay, for meetings with her publisher. However, Sommelier (Steve Tschudy) and Workman (Tony Ballen) are busy exterminating Grady's apartment building, and the two must make accommodations elsewhere.

When Grady informs Jessica that they have reservations at the extravagant Montaigne Plaza Hotel, he explains that the visit comes free of charge, as courtesy of his old college fraternity buddy, Garrett Harper (John Callahan), whom Jessica remembers from occasional visits to Cabot Cove, has married hotel owner Cornelia Montaigne Harper (Janet Leigh), causing Jessica to reflect upon Cornelia and Garrett's age difference.

After checking into Montaigne Plaza Hotel, Jessica and Grady are reacquainted with Garrett, who introduces Jessica to Cornelia and her right-hand assistant, Mark Havlin (Robert Desiderio).

Garrett then informs a delighted Grady that their favorite former college cheerleader, Sandra Clemens (Jennifer Holmes), has also arrived from South Bend, Indiana, and may eagerly anticipate a dinner invitation from Grady. She has stayed in Indiana to work as a computer programmer, but visits NYC on occasion.

Nettie Harper (Charlotte Rae), the mother of Garrett, is also reacquainted with Grady at dinner, with Jessica, Garrett and Sandra around the table, to the dismay of Cornelia, who suspects that Grady is covering for a two-timing Garrett, by including Sandra at the gathering.

A knowing Nettie forecasts fireworks to explode later in the evening, yet, during the effects of a thunderstorm, Grady stumbles upon a body.

NYPD Inspector Donald Matheney (Monte Markham) prioritizes his night at the opera and afternoon at an art gallery reception to investigating a crime, but Hotel Detective Fritz Rice (Macon McCalman) continuously searches for clues, which seem to implicate Grady Fletcher, who is promptly arrested for murder.

As usual, when Grady is falsely arrested, Jessica steps in to demand justice, by proving her nephew's innocence. However, bribes are paid to plant evidence to support the theory that Grady has done it.

Mrs. Townsend (Juli Reding), Husband (Kenny Davis) and Wife (Judy Kerr) hotel customers, hotel Cashier (Mary Ingersoll), hotel Maid (Sheila Shaw) and Aquarium Lady (Lynn Holt) round out the cast of this episode with a "Doom With a View."
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Goof spotted! Bad wig alert!
suepalmer19576 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
When the murder victim is attacked it is clear that a double has been used. She has a lighter hair colour and the length is too long. I am disappointed they could not find a wig to match the character's hair. It doesn't affect my opinion of this great show though! This must have been a difficult episode to film as a real hotel was used in the location. The setting looks very plush, but the corridors that are used between scenes are economical with decor design.Maybe the budget was a bit tight after they paid the bill!

I feel that this wonderful show is like a time capsule of the best of 1980's light entertainment and Angela Lansbury deserved her recent Damehood for her contribution to the arts.I saw her on stage in London a year ago, her performance was simply magical and will be with me forever.She has the positive energy of a woman half her age.I wish I did!
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A lot of doom but not quite enough fire
TheLittleSongbird23 August 2017
Have always been quite fond of 'Murder She Wrote'. It is a fun and relaxing watch that makes you think as you try to unwind in the evening. If one wants more complex, twisty mysteries with lots of tension and suspense 'Murder She Wrote' may not be for you, but if you want something light-hearted and entertaining but still provide good mysteries 'Murder She Wrote' fits the bill just fine.

While nowhere up there with the best Season 4 episodes, or of 'Murder She Wrote' in general, "Doom With a View" is still pretty good if lacking fire in reference to the fireworks at the hotel line (one of the episode's most memorable). "Doom With a View" would have rated higher, but my dislike of Grady Fletcher (with a couple of exceptions, didn't mind him in "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes" for example) has left unchanged. He is such an energy sucking presence, and is bland and annoying.

Not sure how many will disagree but his constant getting arrested for murder and being duped is getting repetitive and doesn't make one endear to the character at all, let alone empathise with him. While Janet Leigh and John Callahan do well in their roles, particularly Leigh playing her bitchy one to perfection, they are given little to work with, particularly Callahan whose material is pretty limited. The obvious goof regarding the murder victim has already been mentioned but there was noticeable and distracting.

On the other hand, there is still a lot to like about "Doom With a View". Angela Lansbury cannot be faulted as ever, and Michael Horton aside the supporting cast are very good, with Leigh, Charlotte Rae and Robert Desiderio particularly impressive. Monte Markham is an entertaining cop.

Production values are slick and stylish as ever with 'Murder She Wrote'. The music has energy and has presence but also not making the mistake of over-scoring, while it is hard to forget or resist the theme tune.

Writing is thought-provoking, light-hearted and amiable and the story doesn't have a dull moment and engages throughout. It is never confusing, nor is it too obvious, a perfect in between.

In summation, pretty good that would have been better if Grady wasn't such a dead-weight. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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