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"Mortal Kombat: Conquest" Vengeance (1999)

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Raiden enters the portal and him and Shao Kahn have a war of words. As Shao Kahn is venting, his shadow priests are killing everyone. Reptile, Kitana, Vorpax, Quan-Chi, Shang Tsung all die. Kung Lao and his friends go to where Omegis is, and beg for her help. She follows them to the last place Raiden was which was the city. She blasts through a wall for them and makes them a doorway. As she leaves, and Kung Lao and his pals enter, shadow priests follow her. Amid walking through the people of the city, shadow priests follow the warriors. Shao Kahn laughs as he tells Raiden his plan, and Raiden warns Kung Lao to stay back. The shadow priests kill them. Raiden engages battle with Shao Kahn and is about to lay the finishing blow, when his powers stop working. Shao Kahn laughs and tells Raiden that he is now in Outworld. He makes him bow to him in his throne room as he opens a chest and pulls out trinkets from all the fighters who are now dead as Raiden stares in shame, and horror.
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