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  • A traveling festival brings untold trouble--and an army of undead souls--to town.


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  • Townsfolk try to stop a horse and buggy from crossing and they demand that everyone who is in there come out and give back a townsperson. Two people dressed as grim reapers come out and slaughter the entire town. The Horse and Buggy make it to the city where Kung Lao is and Kali is the head of the whole shebang. Kali (Kitanas friend, exiled by Shao Kahn) is running something called The Festival. Siro and Taja both see Kali and they tell her to stay away, and she agrees, if they dont come near her either. Kung Lao has been training a girl who used to live with the monks on how to fight and protect herself. Siro sees her train, and tells Taja that she is no fighter. Lori wants Kung Lao to teach her a fatal move, and he declines saying hes only going to train her to defend herself not to kill. She storms off and goes to see The Festival. Meeka one of Quan Chis slaves is the boss of the festival, which is a fight that takes place for money. The winner of the night has to face Meeka, who then defeats the fighter and makes the crowd go home. Once the crowd leaves, Meeka opens up the chest with all the money and one of Quan Chis souls enters the dead fighter. Vorpax spies on the goings on, and tells Shang Tsung about it. Shang Tsung realizes that Quan Chi is trying to build an undead army, to make nice with Shao Kahn. Shang Tsung tells Vorpax to bring Kali back down to the mines. He tells Kali that hell make a deal with her. If she has Kung Lao killed, a soul of Tsungs choosing will enter Laos body and then Shao Kahn will need him again. In exchange for this, he will tell Kahn to make Edenia whole again. Kung Lao asks Siro where Lori is, and they go check her room but shes not there. They figure shes at The Festival and they see her there and she is the last fighter of the night. She is about to face the final battle, when Kung Lao takes her place. One of the grim reaper guys locks the door. Kung Lao faces an undead warrior brought back to life by Tsung and for a while he gets his ass kicked. Finally Kung Lao defeats him and amid the chaos, one of the grim reaper guys knocks over the chest of souls and the other grim reaper guy kills Lori. Taja tells both Siro and Kung Lao they need to leave as they see a ton of green light emanate from the room. At the end of the episode you see Lori as an undead warrior traveling on the horse and buggy to the next city for the next festival.

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