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Davy is hanging out on the beach when he is approached by a little boy. The boy asks Davy if he can do him a favor and watch his pet. Davy is surprised to find the pet is a horse. Unfortunately, the boy runs off, and is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Micky is goofing around in the apartment, pretending like he's a werewolf and howling. Their landlord, Babbitt, hears the noise and assumes the guys are keeping a pet. Babbitt informs them that no pets are allowed in the building. Not long after Babbitt leaves, Davy shows up with the little boy's horse. Babbitt comes back in when Micky demonstrates to Davy the howling noise he was making. Babbitt returns again. Some kind of way, the guys convince Babbitt that no, he didn't see a horse in their apartment, and they rush him out.

The next day, Davy spots the boy on the beach again. The boy explains that his father, a farmer, was planning to sell the horse because they couldn't afford to keep it. The guys drive up to the farm to see if they can convince the farmer to change his mind. They offer to help out around the place to ease some of the financial burdens on the farm. Unfortunately, the guys make a mess of things and the farmer orders them off his property.

Just as they are leaving, a neighbor of the farmer states that his horse can outrun the little boy's horse. The guys convince the farmer to take the neighbor's challenge, and Davy will be the jockey. The race takes place, and Davy rides the horse to victory. The money won from the neighbor is paid to the farmer, who can now afford to keep the horse. The little boy and the farmer are very grateful to the guys for helping them out.


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