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One of the most unusual and best of the IMF series

Author: John Anderson from Minneapolis Minnesota
17 June 2007

A great departure from the usual opening, and you expect to see Jim going somewhere to pick up his new mission. Instead he stumbles upon an international assassination plot and becomes a prisoner of the ringleader and his band of merry followers. This one generates great tension all the way through and some nice surprises. The only quibble I have with it is the perfunctory way the IMF deals with the bad guys' plot. I think the producers could easily have turned this into a fantastic two-parter. Even so, this is probably the best episode of the second season, perhaps of the entire series. Grandpa Walton, Will Geer, as a villainous doctor really steals the show. A real must see for any action/adventure fan.

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If not for Phelp's eyes.....

Author: JACK SOUTH (JSouth1) from cincinnati ohio, u.s.a.
16 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

On vacation to meet Rollin, Phelps accidentally stumbles into a town where "all is not as it seems". Getting a drink at a café, Phelps sees a tear gas gun accidentally get set off, and helps clear the room--only to be taken prisoner by the attendant of a local car repair garage.

Phepls is led to a room where a briefing is being held on "an assassination plot" involving a defecting scientist to the US". Will Geer is a doctor, heading the group of enemy agents, and he sees that Phelps has seen and heard WAY too much. Knowing that Rollin is meeting Phelps, instead of killing him outright..the good doctor decides to cause Phelps to "have a stroke" and then "die". This is accomplished by injecting Phelps with a measured dose of Curare, in the right way as to paralyze him, but allow him to breathe and still live OK...for the time...the plan is to later kill him with a true dose, making it look like a fatal stroke.

When Rollin arrives, he is informed of the "stroke" Phelps had. In privacy, trying to console Phelps, Rollin sees something odd... Phelps is blinking his eyes in Morse code!!!! He is able to get enough information from Phelps code that he learns that Phelps has been drugged, that town is full of agents of the enemy, and of the assassination plot. Before he can learn more....he is interrupted by the "nurse", to "check on Phelps." But this is enough...and Rollin activates the team, with a coded phone call to Cinnamon, as he figures the phones are bugged. This is done is the guise of a call to Phelps "wife".

Cinnamon then gets the rest of the IMF team together, and they head to the town to save Phelps and stop the hit on the defector. Barney plays a "limo driver", Cinnamon as Phelps wife, and Willy is a "truck driver" who injures himself to gain access to the clinic where Phelps is being held.

By the time the rest of the team arrives, Rollin has gained enough information to figure out a plan. First, Rollin takes out the doctor, and with Cinnamons help, "replaces him". Awaiting the "go command" from the pair sent to LA to kill the scientist, Rollin relays a "hold" code to them, putting the killing on hold, long enough for police to capture the two assassins. Meanwhile, Willy "injures himself", to gain access to the inside of the clinic, and once there, helps Rollin control the situation. Cinnamon, strong woman she always is, takes out the "nurse".

So as not to allow the enemy agents to escape or revolt against them, Rollin then "kills" Phelps with the final stroke, and he is taken out in a coffin to waiting Barney. Barney, Cinnamon and Phelps all then "leave". The garage attendant, second in command, then lets the "doctor"(Rollin in disguise) know how "releived he is that all is over". Angry at "so many mistakes" the "Doctor" calls a meeting of all agents to the meeting room, as a huge number of police are secretly summoned by the IMF. Starting the meeting, the "doctor" then is told that the "nurse" is missing, by the garageman. The "Doctor" then orders all to stay there, and follows the garageman outside, knocks him out, and about a dozen cops storm the meeting room!! Though this is a mission lacking high-tech or exotic locales, it is nonetheless a GREAT mission, and a personal one, but at the same time one with international repercussions. HIGHLY recommended for MI fans!!

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Among the best of season two.

Author: planktonrules from Bradenton, Florida
29 July 2014

Aside from one logical error, this is among the very best episodes of season two of "Mission: Impossible". It's extremely good because it is so very different--and after a lot of familiar episodes, it's nice to see something so unfamiliar.

The episode does NOT begin with Phelps getting his assignment. Instead, he's on vacation and wanders into some small town. What he doesn't know is that this is an EVIL town--and everyone is involved in some sort of conspiracy. When he accidentally learns too much, the town deals with him in a novel manner--they drug him so that he cannot move or speak. Then, when Rollin comes looking for him, they explain that Jim had a stroke and was on death's door. Rollin is allowed to see him, as the town suspects nothing amiss--and using his eyes, Jim is able to communicate with Rollin about his predicament. However, it's the whole town--and Rollin cannot contact the police since they are in on it. So, he gets Cinnamon, Barney and Willy to come to the town to ostensibly tell him goodbye--though, of course, they're coming to rescue him.

As I mentioned there is a minor problem with the plot. In such a situation, you would ASSUME that Rollin would contact federal authorities (such as the FBI) and the town would be invaded. Their way of handling it was much more cool to watch--just not exactly realistic. Still, it's a dandy episode--and one that shows very clever writing and ingenuity. Well worth seeing.

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