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Briggs (Steven Hill) gives Cinnamon (Barbara Bain) a difficult and dangerous assignment. She must get on the good side of a handsome and utterly ruthless spy (Hans Gudegast, later known as Eric Braden), who is known for his habit of seducing and killing female agents. He is "short tailed," that is, he has no family or other ties to his home country, thus there is nothing keeping him from going to the other side. Cinnamon must sound him out to see if he is sincere. Since he will not be fooled by a disguise, she must simply be herself, which is trickier than it sounds.The man is so (seemingly) honest about his past and so thoroughly charming he is almost impossible to read - or resist. Cinnamon looks as though she may be losing it over the guy and her fellow agents start to worry. Has the smiling snake reformed? Has Cinnamon been duped? At the climactic moment, she makes an appointment to meet him at a hotel room where her confederates are waiting. Arriving first, she declares loudly her certainty that he really has reformed. Unfortunately, when the fellow arrives, he proves as slimy (and as willing to kill female agents) as ever and goes to shoot her. Unbeknownst to him, she had switched the bullets in the gun with blanks. She deliberately told them of her trust in him to throw him off. That is why she spoke so loudly. But when she is left alone she gazes out the window with what looks like regret in her eyes


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