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  • Briggs, Barney and Rollin are on a mission to get a scientist out from behind the Iron Curtain. His wife, who is assisting the IMF, had defected a year earlier but he didn't follow her. As the mission unfolds, it's clear that the scientist never intended to defect and is still loyal to his country. Now, Briggs & Co. shift gears to convince the scientist to join the West.

  • The IMF seeks to smuggle an important scientist, with the help of his wife, out from behind the Iron Curtain. They discover belatedly that he doesn't want to leave.


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  • The wife of Eastern bloc scientist Helmut Chertolov (Joseph Campenella) requests that the IMF help her husband to escape and defect as she herself has done. She fails to mention, however that her husband is loyal to his country and does not want to defect. Rollin (Martin Landau) sets up the escape by posing as a high official with a will of iron and a taste for high life, who first plants seeds of doubt about Chertolov's loyalty, then volunteers to re-educate him. He recommends a stint in the same prison where the scientist's de-activated colleagues are languishing, useless, to scare to the man into his senses and turn him into a loyal citizen again. Chertolov is indeed horrified to see his fellow scientists listless, hopeless and even mad. He was told that they had been "transferred" to other projects. But he still cannot bring himself to believe that the system in which he has put his faith is hopelessly corrupt. But Rollin is there to open his eyes to what his superiors' system is really like, no matter what it takes. Eventually the IMF leads a disillusioned Chertolov back to his wife's arms, a sadder but wiser man.

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