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Robot Con
Desertman847 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Jim Phelps and his IMF team of Paris,Barney and Willy intends to get involved with the death of Premier Pavel Zagov.

The IMF got itself involved with Deputy Premier Gregor Kamirov,who apparently was involved in the death of Premier Zagov.They intend to solve the murder mystery by using an actor to act in the place of the murdered Premier and to endorse the Deputy Premier before a coup d' etat takes place.Apparently,a similar coup was about to take place with a mechanical and lookalike robot of the Premiere.The IMF intends to stop them before it proceed and to expose the co- conspirators.

No question that this is another awkward episode that involves somehow a ludicrous plot especially with an involvement of a robot con as the mission of the IMF proceeds.No question that Paris - the character that Leonard Nimoy plays - is involved primarily in it and his striking resemblance with the robot somehow makes is weird.In spite of it,the acts of mask-work,sound plot mechanics and a worthy performance of Nimoy overshadows them that it truly becomes a better-than-your average Mission:Impossible episode during its initial run.It is not a masterpiece but it surely was entertaining and fun.
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