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"Mission: Impossible" Recovery (1968)

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Cleverly dropped hints are at the heart of this story about the capture and disarmament of a fail safe (explosive) device from an American plane downed in hostile territory. At a party in the hostile country a brilliant American traitor meets Rollin and Cinnamon posing as a husband and wife from Duluth, Minnesota. He is a brilliant engineer with a severe heart condition and a top secret job and she, a doctor. Meanwhile, Jim, in dark hair and a flight jacket poses as the pilot of the plane by parachuting in and getting caught. Claiming that he knows nothing about the device, he happens to mention that it is manufactured in Duluth. The traitor puts two and two together, kidnaps Cinnamon and sits her, bound, in front the bomb, demanding that her "husband" open the device up. Rollin really does begin to open the casing and they really could all be blown to bits. But before he can finish the job he has a "heart attack" and "dies. While everyone is distracted, Jim, now a repair man, crawls up the garbage chute, finishes disarming the bomb and steals it. All that is left is to bring the traitor back with them. This is accomplished by knocking him out, masking him and putting him in "dead" Rollin's place, while Rollin masks as the traitor and - well, you know what happens.


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