Michael Anthony: [Anthony descends the stairs into a work room in the estate basement, where he discovers Tipton , seated in a high back wooden chair adjacent to a work table with various objects upon it. Only Tipton's right arm is visible to viewers] You sent for me, sir?

John Beresford Tipton: Mike,

[holding up an old fashioned lantern]

John Beresford Tipton: who am I?

Michael Anthony: [Skeptical] Why, you're Mr. John Beresford Tipton.

John Beresford Tipton: No, no, I mean what character do I represent standing like this?

Michael Anthony: Well, holding the lantern like that, you must be Diogenes, looking for an honest man.

John Beresford Tipton: Quite a cynic, wasn't he?

Michael Anthony: Yes, sir. He went to all of that trouble just to show his contempt for his fellow man. But cynics have a habit of underestimating the human race.

John Beresford Tipton: [Lowering the lantern back to the work bench] That's right. The modern counterpart of Diogenes would probably say that everyone has an angle.

[Tipton hands an envelope to Anthony]

John Beresford Tipton: Our next millionaire.

[Anthony accepts the envelope, bows, and starts to depart]

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