Michael Anthony: [Anthony enters the Tipton study to find Tipton seated in a high backed chair, perusing a postage stamp album] You sent for me, sir?

John Beresford Tipton: Mike, did you ever collect stamps?

Michael Anthony: Yes, sir, when I was a boy. I considered myself quite an authority.

John Beresford Tipton: Look at this one.

[Tipton hands Anthony an envelope with a stamp affixed]

John Beresford Tipton: It's quite valuable.

Michael Anthony: [Through furrowed brow] But I've seen a lot of these, sir. What's so rare about this one?

John Beresford Tipton: I didn't say it was rare, Mike. I said it was valuable. To me, it brought me some wonderful news, many years ago.

Michael Anthony: [Smiling] Oh, I see.

John Beresford Tipton: Very valuable. You know, Mike, sometimes a stamp and a letter can change a whole life.

[Tipton hands over envelope to Anthony]

John Beresford Tipton: Our next millionaire.

[Anthony bows]

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