"Midsomer Murders" Written in Blood (TV Episode 1998) Poster

(TV Series)


Plot Keywords

writer midsomer
author writers circle
secretary murder
cat bludgeoned to death
police procedural older man younger woman relationship
woman with knife woman crying
wine wicker basket
voice over writing village
vegetable use of phrase warp and woof
unrequited love typewriter
toy toy dragon
teenage girl taking a walk
swimming pool suitcase
storm stealing
statutory rape sneezing
sneeze sister in law sister in law relationship
shrine shooting murder
secretly photographed seaside
screaming in horror scholarship
rifle riding in a car
rehearsal reference to séamus healy
reference to william shakespeare reference to jeffrey archer
reference to frederick forsyth reference to clue or cluedo
reading in bed reading a book
rainstorm portrait painting
policeman police officer
poisoning play rehearsal
pet pet owner relationship
paperback pair of gloves
newspaper naked male corpse
murder of father mummified remains
male underwear male corpse
lightning lying to the police
ireland insanity
insane woman incriminating photograph
husband wife relationship high school teacher
head bashed in gossip
giving a toast gay club
full moon framed photograph
flashback female tears
female crying falling from height
drunken woman drunk wife
driving a car deliberately leaving something behind
dead man crashing through a window
contemporary setting cleaning lady
cigarette smoking children's author
chairman breaking down a door
book blood on dress
bestseller bad driver
antique shop antalya
actress year 1955
15 year old will
whodunit transvestite
suspect summer cottage
solicitor sister in law
shotgun shot to death
sexual child abuse school
red herring rash
psychiatrist police sergeant
police inspector poisoned to death
playwright naked corpse
murder investigation mistress
medical examiner interrogation
indoor pool improvisation
housekeeper homicide
guest speaker gender bending
gay bar falling to death
english village drama teacher
detective series closeted homosexual
bestselling novel allergy
alcoholic wife

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