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Despite a strong opening, a disappointing episode
DVD_Connoisseur19 March 2007
Like the "Little Prince" episode that preceded it, this is a cautionary tale about the innocent entering the world of drug dealing and the resulting fallout.

Starting with a sequence accompanied by ZZ Top's classic "Legs", the first five minutes of this episode are certainly entertaining. Tubbs manages to cover himself with half of Starbucks while on a stake-out at the airport and even Crockett comes a cropper when he tries to catch the two juvenile suspects. Good slapstick fun!

Sadly, the episode fails in the same way as "Little Prince." The two juveniles with big plans to carry out one large drugs deal are not particularly likable and I found it very difficult to sympathise with them. As a result, the episode really failed to hit the mark for me.

An almost unrecognisable Evan ("Sex and the City") Handler plays Louis in this episode. Eric ("Talk Radio") Bogosian also appears.

Despite the weaknesses of this episode, the production values are excellent as always.

7 out of 10.
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classic Miami Vice
traitorjoe66616 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
*** VERY spoiled *** read only after watching the ep! .

Two yutes think they can make that One Big Score and then live their dreams. They refuse to believe they were getting in way over their heads.

Eventually, they get caught, decide to deal (albeit reluctantly), and end up crossing the Big Bads who were going to kill them anyway. Still, the remaining Big Bads want revenge.

One just wants it to all be over, just wants to rewind and edit out everything that happened, and get on with his life. The other, ever-defiant, thinks it's a joke.

Of course, the repentant one ends up getting killed by the Big Bad, while everyone else can only watch. Crockett realises the promise he made, that the kid will be able to go home once it's over, is broken. Anger, sorrow, the heartbreak of what happened, are very evident on Crockett's face. The defiant kid now has to live with the realisation that his friend is dead because he dragged him into that deal in the first place.

A powerful episode, chock full of tragedy and irony, is not one to be forgotten. The brazen if not reckless one survives, while the cautious and repentant one dies. The diametrically opposite tone from beginning (levity, long legs and miniskirt) and end (tragedy, death), shows sharp contrast, yet still comes full circle at the same airport.

Masterfully done...
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mm-398 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Two young man trying to make a quick score get busted and caught up in the dangerous drug trade. I liked this episode. There is a feel of how cops use people. How dangerous the drug trade is. How ruthless the bad guys are. The music, cars, and 80's style make for an exciting episode with a moral message. There is consequences for ones actions. There is no easy outs in life is. Milk Run had some good messages.I give Mile Run a seven out of ten. The viewer notices that the show started to jell in mid season. The characters/actors started to find their groves. The director started to get the right mix of music, action, stylish substance mixed into the series stories. Seven out of ten.
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Just one deal
Tweekums18 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When Crockett and Tubbs have words with a couple of young men with tickets to Bogota to warn them against coming back with drugs it is inevitable that they will be ignored; after all they just want to make one trip; make a few thousand dollars and the return to New York. When one of them returns with a quantity of cocaine he is arrested but nobody is really interested in sending him to gaol; if he is willing to give up his local contacts he can head home; if not he'll be inside for fifteen years. Not surprisingly he agrees and the deal goes ahead as planned; with police monitoring the situation of course. Just as Crockett had warned it turns out the dealers were planning to rip them off and they only survived because a police marksman shot one of the dealers as he drew a gun. It looks as if everything is over but the dead man has a brother and he wants revenge.

This was another fine episode of Miami Vice; the opening scene where to two young punks flee from Crockett and Tubbs, covering Tubbs in milk in the process was amusing; a house is blown up in spectacular style and the finale as a good shock moment in it. The two kids hoping to make a quick buck aren't really sympathetic characters but by the end one hopes they will get home safely. John Kapelos put in an entertaining turn as slimy lawyer Andy Sloan; it is a shame his character doesn't appear in any more episodes.
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Miami Vice:Milk Run
Scarecrow-8815 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Haunting episode of Miami Vice has Crockett and Tubbs needing the assistance of two youths from New York City who came to Miami with the hopes of scoring a drug deal using a delivery of statues containing junk from Bogata as the merchandise. Two boxing promoter brothers who own a gym are the ones orchestrating the drug deal with the young men and Crockett and Tubbs hope to set up a trap, catching them in the act. Pepe Moya(Alexis Arguello), in mourning after his brother is killed while pulling his gun to shoot the boys, will seek to get even for his loss. Evan Handler and Al Shannon are the two young men who get themselves in this mess, portraying Louis and Eddie respectively. Also features Eric Bogosian as a foul brute who helps supply chemicals needed to make dope for the Moya brothers and Rainbow Harvest is his girlfriend, Angela(..Angela is an informant for Sonny when he must locate the drug den where the junk is made and the Moyas). The title of this episode concerns what is supposed to be an easy transfer of Louis and Eddie to the airport for a flight back to NYC which, instead, ends in tragedy. John Kapelos has a memorable role as a sleazy attorney who mouths off to Crockett about his success at getting criminals off after being busted. As we saw in the previous episode, youths and drugs often come in contact with the result never a positive one.
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