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Faking a murder
Tweekums26 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
This episode opens with Crockett making an undercover drug deal; it is interrupted by customs but the dealers isn't arrested; Sonny helps him get away because he is small fry; Sonny is after his boss Morales. After the bust the customs officer they are dealing with invites Crockett and Tubbs to join him for dinner with his brother; a star in the sport of Jai Alai. The brother can't attend though; he is off with a prostitute. When the girl questions the brother's performance and sexuality he turns violent and attacks her. It appears that she is dead; indeed he thinks he has killed her. He hasn't though; it was all filmed as part of an elaborate plot to blackmail the customs officer. The girl is later found dead but it was her employers not the sports star that killed her. With the customs officer doing whatever he can to keep his brother out of jail Crockett and Tubbs are in danger when Morales learns they are actually cops.

While I don't think this was as good as the previous episode it was still solidly entertaining. There were a couple of nice surprises; even though the fact that the death was initially faked was revealed quickly it came as a bit of a surprise. Guest star Carlos Cestero did a fine job playing customs officer Frank Arriolla; a good man forced to make a tough decision. Although the episode involves the sport of Jai Alai no knowledge of the game is needed to enjoy the episode. There is a reasonable amount of action including a couple of impressive explosions and the regular shoot outs.
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One of the best episodes ever made
ivo-cobra819 August 2007
Miami Vice season 3 is the best season ever made.I taught that Stone's War and Walk Alone are the best,but i was wrong,Killshot beats them all.Killshot is about an Jai Alai player Tico Arriola and his brother custom's agent Frank Ariolla,some pimp woman black mailed Frank for his information for drug dealers where are and who are the cops,so Frank try's everything to protect his brother,but when Isabella Batista try's to kill Sonny and Rico,too get all her business for herself,so on the end try's too kill Frank ,but he kills her on the end his brother dies.Only too bad is that we newer knows what happened with Frank if he was going in jail,or Sonny and Rico let hem go.One of the best episode of Miami Vice.First i taught that Walk Alone was one of the best episodes but i was wrong,walk alone was good episode,but too short,i'so post to be a movie,episode was good but too short.Killshot is one of the best episodes of Miami Vice.
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Story of two brothers.
mm-399 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Killshot is a story of two brothers and Cuban/American cultural influence in Miami. There is a mix of Jai Alai, Cuban espressos and the flavor of Cuban Americans in Killshot. When the Mafia puts the squeeze on a Custom agent's brother in a God Father movie style set up the story is set in motion. I love the theme of the love that two brothers shares. The troubled Jai Alai player is bailed out by the loving older brother and set in motion a tragic story-line. Killshot is another Michael Mann Shakespearean tragedy executed in a Hamlet story-line ending. There actually is a memorable Jai Alai kill shot at the end. Killshot is not the top five of the Miami Vice episodes, but a memorable episode because of the ending. I give Killshot 7 out of 10.
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