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Police and drug dealers hunt a serial killer

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
7 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A serial killer is hunting teenaged girls in Miami; the victims are found dressed like the porcelain doll that is left beside them leading to him being dubbed the 'Doll Killer'. As each of his victims is killed with pure cocaine the police suspect that the killer must be somehow involved in the importation of the drug as that bought on the streets would never be that pure; it is also a reason to bring a reluctant Castillo onto the case. He is reluctant to get involved because Crockett and Tubbs are undercover in an operation against Palma, a senior drug dealer who insists that they stay with him until he gets to know them. As the police starting putting pressure on all known dealers Palma decides it is time for the dealers to run their own parallel investigation because they are having difficulty plying their trade due to the attention the killer is bringing to them. It is the dealers who catch the killer first and when they but him on 'trial' Crockett finds himself acting as 'defence attorney'.

This is a bit of an odd episode to say the least; the under cover portions are entertaining and even amusing in places but the killer is just too odd to be believable; we are expected to believe a senior drug dealer would have conversations with dolls in a weird high pitched voice; there is also no indication of what got him started or what his motivation is... surely even serial killers have a motive no matter how demented it is! The ending was also a little far fetched to say the least; as the killer jumped to his death the person he landed on had plenty of time to get out of the way! While I don't think it is as bad as other reviews suggest it is certainly weird enough that I can see why some viewers will hate it.

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Actually very good

Author: christopherglash from Warsaw, Poland
9 January 2015

Not entirely sure what the other reviewers here were on when they watched this episode! I thought this was an excellent episode, suspenseful, entertaining, good music and Tubbs and Crockett working together for the entire episode instead of just Crockett on his own like many of season four's offerings. All in all this is the fourth pretty good quality season four episode in a row. If you can get through the silly episodes of this season like Cows of October and Missing Hours, you really start to hit some gems.

Also I've been reading these reviews since the beginning and especially Frankenbenz's reviews have been very egotistical and actually irritating. I don't normally go in for personal attacks but in the end I had to respond! MV rules!

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So out in left field this episode actually works.

Author: mm-39 from Winnipeg
5 March 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Honor Among Thieves is in my top 3 of the Miami Vice episodes! So out in left field Honor Among Thieves actually works! Honor Among Thieves has been seared into my memory as the doll guy episode. The writers put the weird combination of drug dealers and talking dolls together. A serial killer which reminds me of Pee Wee Herman does the doll talking to him skit. Just like a 80's comedy act. In my teen age years, I found this bit funny; as I get older, the realization that mental illness, and real life is more bizare than one can imagine. The crux of Honor Among Thieves is the twisted character! The viewer watches in anticipation of what will happen next at every turn. The plot twist of the drug dealers are looking for one of their own while Crockett, and Tubb's in deep cover become caught in the middle. Crockett must defend the killer after finding out the killer is the covers contact. A shocking ending. Let me say W T F! 9 out of 10. The most Bizarre episode of the Vice series.

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Rock bottom....

Author: TexasRaider from USA
5 July 2007

I know many say "Missing Hours" was the worst episode, but at least it was entertaining in that "what the..?" type mold, like watching a slow motion train wreck - it does at least hold your attention. This episode is actually embarrassing to watch. The weaselly guy talking in the little girl doll voice? That goofy actor is just...sticky, icky, clammy and creepy. And the whole trial thing? Is this just a really bad rip off of the German film "M", is that what this is supposed to be? And lastly, how the bad guy and the drug king pin die, ludicrous can't even begin to cover it. I don't know why this was allowed to air, but when it did I remember thinking 'this show is on it's way out...' Skip this episode at ALL costs. It's worse that worst from Season 5.

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The biggest shock of all is that I sat thru the entire episode

Author: frankenbenz from Sydney, Australia
15 August 2007

I agree 100% with TexasRaider - skip this episode at ALL costs. What an absolutely moronic piece of garbage this crap is. An underworld kingpin that converses with girl's dolls in a ridiculously silly voice? We're supposed to believe that somehow this guy managed to earn the respect of Miami's crime syndicate to a point where he is among the elite...yet he's so deranged that he kills little girls in his spare time? Get lost.

Where the hell was the quality control on Miami Vice? Michael Mann? Anyone?

Unless you are as deranged as the killer in this episode, i too strongly suggest avoiding this episode at ALL costs.

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