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A solid Castillo led episode
Tweekums4 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This episode sees the return of Lt. Castillo's ex-wife, Mai Ying, and new husband, Ma Sek. We first see them at an event in Ecuador where Ma Sek sees a man names Rivas then immediately decides it is time to leave. As they drive away their car is hijacked; they manage to escape; killing one of their assailants in the process. They then head to Miami where she contacts Castillo. It turns out Ma Sek was meant to deliver a package to Rivas but the contents weren't what was expected. He is adamant that he never knew what was meant to be in the package but Rivas thinks otherwise and thinks he can get to Ma Sek by kidnapping and threatening his wife... of course he hasn't reckoned on Castillo!

This wasn't a classic episode but any where Lt. Castillo takes the lead will be worth watching as Edward James Olmos is such a fine actor. There was a decent amount of action and a sense that Mai Ying was in real danger; a role Rosalind Chao did a good job in. I was half expecting Crockett to be working again but was pleased that the events of the previous episodes hadn't been completely forgotten.
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Not bad, but not that good either
cory552127 July 2012
This wasn't so much a bad episode as it was just missing something. The loss of Mann, Hammer and many of the others that made this series a classic, is truly evident.

The acting is solid with Castillo taking the point, which is fine since Olmos is a terrific actor. The story is a little dry, but if you were to read the script I'm sure you would see the potential. In the past, this would be where the MV style crew headed by Mann takes over and polishes this raw material into a gem. Since everyone has bailed, this gets cut and polished at a pawn shop instead of the "Diamond District" in NYC.

The only thing that saved this from a 4 or less was the acting. Lets hope this season gets better.
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