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The perfect way to wrap up a series.

Author: edwardjamessmith from France
18 February 2008

By season five, Miami Vice had radically changed. Jan Hammer had left, the budget was very tight, the style had got much darker and violent, the ratings were not good at all and Don Johnson wasn't in very many episodes (due to working big time in Hollywood on major motion pictures). The season finale "Freefall" is a perfect finale to the series because it shows the political problems which were going on in Latin America during the 80's and completely different compared to 2 part episodes like "Calderone's Return", "The Prodigal Son" & "Down For The Count". The action's good and so's the setting, etc... The scene with the Ferrari testarossa speeding down the streets of Miami with the song "Bad Attitude" by Honeymoon Suite works because it's re-showing the defining image from the pilot episode with the Daytona driving through the night down down the streets with the song "In the air tonight" by Phil Collins playing that introduced us to Miami Vice in the first place. It was the right time to end the show because if it had carried on into the nineties, it wouldn't have been the same. Miami Vice was only for the 80's and that's where it belonged. Rating 10/10, "Freefall" is one of the greatest finales to a series that I've seen and it showed that Miami Vice could wrap it up with a bang.

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As fitting as it can be!

Author: dangkoen from Belgium
12 April 2008

As I was gone through seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4 over a short period of months, I finally was able to buy the released season 5. I must admit during this season I was looking forward to the final. Mainly because the season foreshadowed that Sonny would certainly get killed or leave the force. This thanks to the strong scenes and music in the particular season.

And so, finally, came the final. I was surprised at how good it was. It had to be the best series final I had ever seen in my whole life! OK, so maybe they should have brought back a villain with whom the Vice cops still had a score to settle, but I was satisfied with the main villain anyway. The only criticism I have is that they underused the two leading females and didn't tie up all the loose ends.

But in the end, it was a fitting final to a great show, probably my favorite show ever! Offcourse, I will keep rewatching all the seasons of Vice, and certainly each time, when I watch the final, I will look forward to the moment where the most legendary cop duo of all time bid each other farewell!

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The end of Miami Vice

Author: Tweekums from United Kingdom
10 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you are watching the series on DVD save this episode till last as the DVD keeps the episode in broadcast order which is a pity as this is meant to be the last ever episode.

This series finale sees Crockett and Tubbs press-ganged into working for a federal agency which wants then to help General Borbon, a Latin American dictator, get out of his country before the revolutionaries take over. They say they want to help him escape because he has information which could help shut down the Columbian cartels bringing drugs into Miami. This is plausible as the cartels are determined that Borbon will stay in his country; which means killing those trying to help him escape. When Crockett and Tubbs head south they find themselves in a dangerous situation; their supposed allies don't seem at all trustworthy… in fact it seems they only people they can trust are the revolutionaries! Even when they get Borbon and his daughter back to America their problems aren't over; the Columbians still want him dead and there is a leak which means Crockett and Tubbs continue to be in danger.

As the eighties drew to a close so did one of its most stylish series; the epitome of '80s cool; 'Miami Vice'. After a somewhat disappointing fifth season I was pleased that the series got a top notch send off. Earlier episodes clearly suffered from a lower budget but it is clear this one had no such problems. There is plenty of action from start to finish including car chases, numerous gun fights and several explosions. It isn't all action without meaning though; the story is solid and there is an emotional intensity as our protagonists are forced to consider whether they wish to serve in the police any longer. Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas put in the expected fine performances as Crockett and Tubbs roles they will always be best known for. Guest star Ian McShane put in a decent performance as General Borbon but it little difficult for a British viewer to see this well-known English actor as a Central American general… his tan made him look the part at least!

It is a sad that the series couldn't continue but it was probably for the best that it finished with this fine episode rather than continuing with weaker and weaker episodes till it became rubbish or trying to replace key actors who were clearly ready to move on at this point.

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Lousy wrap up to a great series!!

Author: HawksRevenge from United States
7 April 2006

Miami Vice for all intended purposes ran out of gas at the end of the fourth season with the exception of the completion of the 3-part arc in which Sonny Crockett lost his memory and became a murdering thug which they should have stretched the fourth season to include Season five was complete garbage and the **Freefall** finale is reduced to a 10 minute clip scene at the end, and even to my enemies I wouldn't recommend watching this **Freefall** garbage as this is **Tired Vice** Without a doubt Miami Vice was the show to watch in the 80's, but you can only compare Miami Vice season five with Wiseguy season four, obviously somebody thought it was a good idea What a waste!!

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