"Melrose Place" Sole Sister (TV Episode 1996) Poster

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Dr. Michael Mancini: Everything else has been so...

Megan Lewis: Complicated?

Dr. Michael Mancini: Yeah.

Megan Lewis: Do you think it's still because your're in love with your wife?

Dr. Michael Mancini: Ah... Kimberly's gone. She's in the past now.

Megan Lewis: Maybe, but you still have feelings for her.

Dr. Michael Mancini: Well, what I mean is that you go through all the things we went through and then, suddenly it's gone. Yeah, sure, I still got feelings, but they'll pass. It's just gonna take a little time, that's all.

Megan Lewis: Michael, I need to know how you really feel. I mean, I want to belive it's just a question of time but I'm... you know. I'm afraid that no matter how long I wait, you're still going to be in love with Kimberly. I mean, weeks will go by, and months... and still, every time you hold me, you'll be holding her. I don't think I can stand that. I need you to love me.

Dr. Michael Mancini: I do. I swear.

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Sydney Andrews: What is wrong with you since you got back? If I can't talk to you, who else can I talk to?

Jane Andrews Mancini: Pleas, don't do this to me right now.

Sydney Andrews: Don't do this to you? What about me? Jane, no one else can understand me. I'm your sister for cryin' out loud.

Jane Andrews Mancini: No, I'm not! I'm not your sister, Sydney.

Sydney Andrews: What are you talking about?

Jane Andrews Mancini: Mom and Dad kept it a secret all these years. I just found out last week.

Sydney Andrews: What you mean, like I'm adopted or something?

Jane Andrews Mancini: No "I'm" adopted. I found out when I was home. They adopted me, and years later, they had you. Never told either one of us.

Sydney Andrews: What? Oh, my god, Jane... what is going on?

Jane Andrews Mancini: I don't know. I'm lost. I feel like suddenly I don't have anything anymore.

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