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dimplet9 July 2011
The premise of this story is simple: a bet. But not just any bet, one it seems Maverick can't win.

Bret Maverick is a gambling man, and not just at cards.

He is caught red-handed trying to make his getaway from a bank robbery, and he has been shot, and lost a lot of blood. The sheriff gives him 20 minutes to rest.

Then Maverick makes his bet: $10 says if he listens to why he stole the money, the sheriff won't take him to jail. No deal, says the sheriff. Maverick raises the stakes: $10 says the sheriff not only won't take Maverick back, he won't even take the money back.

"If it's worth $10 to you, go ahead," says the sheriff.

And so, a wounded Maverick tells his tale.

Will Maverick get his $10 or will he get 20 years?

We then hear about meeting a beautiful woman, and a stagecoach ride with her to Montana.

Some people say television was a wasteland back then, and some people say it was the golden age of television. With great writing like this, and great acting from the likes of James Garner, I go with the later.

But to fully appreciate why, you need to see this episode. To tell you any more about it would just spoil it for you.

---- From Merriam-Webster's Unabridged Dictionary:

Main Entry:1mav£er£ick Pronunciation:*mav(*)rik, -r*k Function:noun Inflected Form:-s Etymology:after Samuel A. Maverick died 1870 American pioneer in Texas who did not brand his calves

1 West : an unbranded range animal; especially : a calf on the range that is unbranded and not following its mother 2 a : a refractory or recalcitrant member of a political party who bolts at will and sets an independent course b : an intellectual or a member of a social upper class or of any other group who refuses to conform and takes an unorthodox stand
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