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  • C.J. is contacted by a man who works for a friend of hers. It seems like her friend wants to build a cancer research center but her friend's cousin took the money she gave and tells the townsfolk that he's drilling for oil. But there is no oil where they are. Roy accompanies her and the cousin tries to stop them and plans to kill his cousin who is coming. When they are captured Houston, who's on vacation has to come save them.

  • Matt must rescue C.J. and Roy from small town oil embezzlers.



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  • Matt's (Lee Horsley) vacation is interrupted when he has to rescue C.J. and Roy after they travel to the small town of Bancroft to investigate an oil embezzler. The oil embezzler is a cousin to C.J.'s childhood friend Julia Martin(Joan Sweeny) and wants to stand in the way of Julia's cancer research facility being built. Good episode for Pamela Hensley fans as she has the starring role here (much of the other season 3 episodes she barely had 5 minutes total on screen). More of C.J.'s history is revealed with flashback scenes to her childhood and younger days before she entered Harvard. Roy (Buddy Ebsen) has a lot of screen time, too, and even gets to land a punch in a fight scene (albeit a little unbelievable). For Matt/C.J fans, the episode has some tender moments between the couple that would leave some to think they were more than friends. Guest stars Scatman Crothers as the local yocal that helps Matt handle the corrupted cast of townsfolk and Andrew Robinson as Julia's vindictive cousin, Oliver Bancroft.

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