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Good episode - A solid start to season seven
pkfloydmh16 April 2015
This is a very good episode to kick off season seven. One thing you'll notice right away is the nice improvements that have been made to Joe's office since the end of season six, which includes a new sofa, several new chairs, and new woodwork.

This episode is about a psychic (played by Alfred Ryder) who predicts that a woman (played by Joan Van Ark) is in danger, and Joe agrees to investigate his claims.

Joan Van Ark is really good in this episode, and so are the fight scenes, one of which takes place in a unique location where one of the bad guys gets pulverized in a unique way. I give the writers credit here for keeping the show fresh by coming up with a new idea and location for this fight scene, instead of the usual warehouse or factory.

The reason why I'm giving this one a 9 instead of a 10 is because Joe is shot at several times but is never hit, which is a standard cliché for this show. However, he DOES NOT get slugged on the back of the head or run off the road by another car, and at the end, the police DO NOT rush in to save the day, all of which are refreshing. The new season is off to a good start.
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MartinHafer14 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This was a good start to season seven of "Mannix". While it's not among the best of the shows, it's a lot better than most of the season six offerings. And the one minor problem I saw with the episode could be explained away reasonably...that the lady wasn't very helpful while Mannix was being attacked by one of the assassins.

The show begins with a psychic coming to Mannix to tell him he has had a vision and that a lady in a polka dot dress (Joan Van Ark) will be murdered tonight. Mannix isn't quick to believe the story but decides to investigate anyway--and there IS an assassin waiting there! Since Mannix knew something might be up, he shot the assassin...which still seemed a bit ridiculous since the killer had a rifle and Mannix only his snub-nosed revolver! Regardless, it looked as if the psychic might be right...and soon more assassins start coming out of the woodwork! What's all this about anyway?!

The best thing about the show is that it's NOT some big endorsement for the super-natural. Had it been, I would have completely hated the episode. Fortunately, there is a rational explanation and the show works pretty well. Imaginative and interesting...this one is worth seeing.
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