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"Magnum, P.I." J."Digger" Doyle (1981)

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Magnum tries to impress a beautiful fan of Robin's by showing her the estate, only to find out that she is a security expert hired by Robin to test the estate's security. She enlists Magnum's help when Robin's life is threatened if he publishes his latest manuscript.

Robbin Masters has his latest manuscript hidden at one of his various estates and it is possible it is at the Robbin's Nest. A security company is hired to protect all the possible places; Digger is assigned Robbins Nest. Digger and Magnum check the security at the estate and finds a few areas that are lacking. They plug those areas.

Higgins is kidnapped by those that want to steal the manuscript and they use force on Higgins to have him disclose the location of the manuscript. Higgins does not know the location and they continue to question him. Digger and Magnum determine where Higgins is being held and rescue him.

Back at Robbins Nest, security it tightened the day the manuscript is to be picked up. TC and Rick are hired to add extra security at the gate and on the ground.

Robbin Masters lands at Robbins Nest as this is the location of the manuscript. The would-be thieves enter the home and shots are fired each way. Meanwhile, deception is used to disguise Robbin and he picks up his manuscript.

Magnum realized that someone in the security office was part of the plan, and as it seems possible that Digger's boss may be threatening Robbin Masters, Magnum and Digger enter the room and save the day. It was actually Higgins dressed as Robbin in part of the deception to get the manuscript out safely.


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