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"MADtv" Episode #9.22 (2004)

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Angela: Heroes On Montel

Marvin Tikkvah: Chubby Chaser Love - Crassly charming Marvin (Michael McDonald) meets a chubby chaser (Stephnie Weir) in the park, but their flirtation gets constantly interrupted by hard-bodied athletes. Memorable quotes from Marvin include: "That's why I came out here to the eat some ice cream, exercise, and maybe score some speed," "I'm hung like a hermit crab...and my testicles are the size of mitochondria," and "I haven't even given you any GHB yet!"

The OC Meets American Idol Losers - The American Idol gang--composed of Clay Aiken (Ron Pederson), Justin Guarini (Aries Spears) and William Hung (Bobby Lee)--invade the O.C. (Orange County). Features "The O.C." stars Ben McKenzie, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson, who utter observations such as: "You normally don't start brooding until after breakfast," and "I can't remember--sometimes, you're dating, sometimes you're just friends that secretly yearn after each other, sometimes you're secretly broken up and just using each other to get to other people."

Sean the Floor Leader: Bring Your Child To Work Day - Busybody and office chair accident-prone Sean (Michael McDonald) has to deal with the children of his "sneaky snake" co-workers. Memorable quotes include: "In case you're wondering, I just burst a blood vessel on my nipple," and "The reason why I smell like talcum powder is because my crevices are moist."

Food Network: Eggsellent Marathon - Joyce Behrens hosts the 22nd hour of The Food Network's Eggslusively Eggs Week by making yet another deviled egg recipe while constantly fighting the urge to throw up. She justifies her nausea by explaining, "It's just that you can never really quite get used to the smell--it's somewhere between vinegar and...funky foot sweat."

Encore: Stuart Gets A Rival (originally aired in episode #706) - Little Stuart (Michael McDonald), when caught listening in to his mother's friends, is made to repeat what he was taught--that little boys who eavesdrop deserve to hear the truth...and the truth is usually devastating. After coming out of hiding, Stuart's unrestrained candidness makes him the darling of the soiree. But when a baby arrives at the party, everyone's attention is shifted away. When the two are momentarily left to themselves, how far will Stuart go to regain everyone's undivided attention?

The Wizard of Oz: Realistic Ending - Dorothy goes ballistic when she realizes how easily and quickly she would have been able to return home.

Outtakes during the credits are from the above OC sketch.


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