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  • Jamie keeps experiencing false alarms. Meanwhile, one of Paul's films is accepted by a film festival. Eventually, Jamie goes into labor. At the hospital, she sends Paul back to the apartment for her wedding ring.



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  • Jamie's due date is near and she keeps experiencing false alarms. Thinking each time it is the real thing, she calls her family and friends to be with her and Paul for the event. And each time, Paul is surprised that she has found time to contact everyone, and would rather the birth be a private time with just he and Jamie. Meanwhile, Ira submitted one of Paul's films to a film festival, much to Paul's chagrin. However, when Paul finds out his film has been accepted, he is overjoyed. Paul and Jamie attend the film festival, and as it is beginning, Jamie goes into labor. Paul is hesitant to believe her even while she is feeling contractions. Eventually they go to the hospital only to find that it is another false labor, and again, friends and family are their for the event. Back at home, she eventually does go into labor, and as they arrive at the hospital, she realizes she does not have her wedding ring. She is not able to wear it since her fingers are swollen, but she wants it when she gives birth. While Paul is reluctant to leave, Jamie insists that he get the ring. Paul returns home, finds the ring, and heads back to the hospital - only to be stuck in traffic.

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