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Jamie is operating her public relations firm in the apartment and Paul announces that he's the finalist for a grant for his documentary on the History of Television. Problems arise when Paul is watching TV in the living room, doing research and Jamie's trying to her work there as well. Jamie suggests she get an office, but Paul reminds her that they agreed that they can't afford it, then Jamie suggests that Paul move to the bedroom and watch it there, but they don't have cable there and Paul is opposed to get an additional hookup. Fran suggests to Jamie that they could steal cable and she helps her do it and now they have a hookup in the bedroom, behind Paul's back. Paul eventually finds out that the cable in the bedroom is stolen and while dealing with the cable guy on the roof, they come clean with him and they are responsible for getting their entire apartment's cable disconnected. Now everyone is outraged, since they lost their cable and are voicing their displeasure at them. Paul...

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