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  • MacGyver, Jack and Pete go to relax on a gold-panning expedition. Unfortunately, a woman from MacGyver's past stalks them and has murderous intentions in her plan of revenge.


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  • The episode opens with an inmate being released from prison. There is no dialogue from the perspective of the prisoner. The prisoner meets some men in a car outside of the prisoner where he/she receives a set of keys and the location of MacGyver while he is out on a trip with Jack and Pete.

    MacGyver is then on a trip to pan for gold with Pete and Jack, as yet another one of Jack's easy-money ideas (as Pete has come to call them). While there, you see Jack, Pete and MacGyver remembering times that Jack has gotten them into situations. Pete finally decides that the trout are calling and he heads off to fish. While fishing he is hit by the recently-released prisoner who has donned a camoflaged mask and hat, and now carries a scoped semi-auto pistol. The attacker fires off some rounds from the pistol to draw Jack and MacGyver.

    After finding Pete's hat, fishing pole and tackle box, Jack and MacGyver head out to find Pete where they find clues from Pete along the way. At least, that's what they think. After finding Pete's wallet, MacGyver sends Jack back to his jeep to go to a store to call for help. It is then that we see the attacker revealed to be Deborah from "The Negotiator."

    Deborah grabs Jack and remains behind him as Jack is taken to Whistler's Cliff with Pete. As Jack approaches, you can't see Deborah and Pete asks "He got you too?" only to hear Jack say, "You mean SHE."

    MacGyver then heads to his Jeep to find that it has not moved and there is a Jack's hat on the antenae with with a note from Deborah. MacGyver then goes to Whistler's Cliff to confront Deborah where she wants to be able to see if she can still feel the same way about MacGyver and still pull the trigger. She fails to do so as Jack is able to squeeze a rock between his feet as his hands are tied and both he and Pete are gagged. Jack tosses the rock that hits Deborah in the back. MacGyver then takes Pete's collapsable fishing rod from his back, quickly extends it and then hits the gun out of Deborah's hand as she is turning around to face Jack and Pete. The gun falls near Jack and he kicks it toward the cliff. It doesn't go over. But Deborah rushes to get the gun while Jack makes a successful attempt to trip her. She falls over the edge of the cliff, grabbing onto a root. MacGyver rushes over to help her up from the cliff. Little does he know that Deborah has found a foot ledge to stand on as she fakes possibly falling to her death. After MacGyver has gotten a pretty good hold on her to keep her from falling, she lets go with one hand to pull a knife from her back on her belt. When she swipes at MacGyver, he lets go and the ledge Deborah was standing on gives way. She falls to her death on the rocks below.

    The episode closes as they are all wondering why she had to do that. Pete recounts the story of the Scorpion and the Turtle.

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